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Why analyze transformer & high voltage electrical equipment fluids?


This is a powerful methodology to indicate the presence of incipient faults
& determine the overall operating condition of a unit.

Baseline analyses are required upon commissioning of equipment or in the absence of recent data. Regular analyses provide for trending characteristics that provide additional information.

Scheduled sampling provides the information required to make proactive decisions protecting your fleet & ensuring uninterrupted delivery of service.

THE Chem Lab offers a routine testing package that has powerful diagnostic value.

We can also recommend equipment/condition-specific test packages. dielectric cells

Our routine testing package includes:

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (ASTM D3612C)
  • Moisture Content (ASTM D1533)
  • Dielectric Breakdown at 1 mm (ASTM D1816)
  • Interfacial Tension (ASTM D971)
  • Total Acid Number (ASTM D974)
  • Dissipation Factor at 25°C and 100°C (ASTM D924)
  • Colour & Visual Inspection (ASTM D1500/D1524)

THE Chem Lab recommends testing of oxidation inhibitors (DBPC & DBP) at regular intervals.


We also offer furanic compound testing and corrosive sulfur for transformers, in addition to metals analysis and particle count, which is useful for evaulation of high voltage contact equipment.

Viscosity and specific gravity are also available for reference purposes.

We provide advice for determination of appropriate tests & testing packages for your equipment monitoring needs. We provide guidance on sampling techniques as well as referrals for third party sampling service providers.

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