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THE Chem Lab utilizes TOA4 Online to provide state-of-the-art computerized interpretation of your insulating fluid results. With this software, we are able to quickly process test data & identify abnormal results so that decisive action can be taken to correct problems & prevent avoidable equipment failure.


What is TOA4 Online?TOA4 screenshot

This is an online software-based service provided by Delta-X Research. It is capable of interpreting your dissolved gas & fluid quality data, providing condition assessments & maintenance tasks. It provides trend analysis, so that you can monitor your equipment over any period of time. TOA4 Online offers easy data transfer, processing & storage.

TOA4 subscription options are available to our clients so that you can view your results as they become available in real time. This option is also great for data handling & storage to avoid possible data import & data retention problems. Contact us to discuss if this option is right for you and your company.


duval triangle

Duval Triangle

The Duval Triangle is a DGA (dissolved gas analysis) diagnostic tool that is applied by TOA whenever there is a suspicion of a fault. Concentrations of combustible gas are plotted in the triangle, which is subdivided into fault zones. This designates the likely fault type that produced the particular combination of gases observed.



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